Can I get a new roof or roof repair during COVID-19?

The answer is yes. In British Columbia, Roofing falls within the construction category and therefore is considered an essential business. Roofs are critical to keeping homes and buildings weathertight and safe.

What can I expect from Birdhouse Roofing during COVID-19?

To best serve our customers and ensure employee safety, we have transitioned many aspects of our business to digital or online technology.

We are aiming to eliminate in-person meetings unless they are essential in nature. Any in-person meetings will requiring social distancing and all parties wearing a mask.

For roofing repairs or replacements, virtually all the work is done outside of your home, so you don’t have to worry about having employees in your home while work is being completed. If interior access is needed we will work with you to create guidelines to avoid the employees coming into contact with household members.

When we are onsite, we will practice social distancing measures where possible and all employees will have access to masks and hand sanitizer.

Where can I find Birdhouse Roffing Ltd’s COVID-19 policy/work plan?

We have created a detailed policy in accordance with the Government of BC public health orders and WorkSafe BC regulation. Our policy can be found here.